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‘I clicked’: Burnaby resident warns others after getting duped by ICBC rebate scam

Scammers preying on people excited about the new rebate.
ICBC and police are warning about a text message scam hitting some Burnaby residents. Glacier Media file photo

Burnaby RCMP and a local resident are warning the public about a scam related to the recent announcement of an ICBC rebate for drivers to offset soaring gas prices.

ICBC will be doling out about $396 million to 3.5 million drivers and scammers have been targeting people with text messages urging people to click to get the rebate.

“I clicked,” a Burnaby resident (who didn’t want their name published) told the NOW in a phone call. “I was so excited about the rebate I didn’t think first.”

The resident said the message then wanted personal information and that’s when he deleted the message. The resident fears scammers have somehow grabbed some of his personal information.

Burnaby RCMP said in a tweet that other Burnaby residents have been targeted in this scam.

ICBC has also responded on its Twitter account.

“We are aware some customers have received text messages regarding their ICBC relief rebate. These messages are fake – we will not issue any rebates via text message or email. Please delete these messages.”

ICBC posted more details about how drivers will receive the rebate on its website.

“Starting in May, customers who have signed up for direct deposit with us will receive their rebate in their bank account,” reads a post. “Customers can sign up for direct deposit on or contact their Autoplan broker. Customers who have paid for their insurance with a credit card can expect to receive their rebate as a credit on their card between May and June.”