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Still waiting for that ICBC gas relief rebate? It's coming, says province

The B.C. government says it has sent out $142 million in rebates.
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The Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General says it has issued all 573,000 credit card rebates to eligible ICBC customers.

In March, the B.C. government announced ICBC would provide an one-time relief rebate of $110 to British Columbians in order to reduce the financial burden of gas prices caused by the war in Ukraine.

The auto insurer said 3.5 million rebates would be sent out, totalling more than $396 million.

ICBC customers with "a basic auto insurance policy in February would be eligible" to receive the rebate if they registered a direct deposit, or as a refund on their credit card. For everyone else, the B.C. government stated customers would receive their rebates as cheques in June. 

Yet, many British Columbians have not received the money.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General told Glacier Media in an email statement that they have issued "all 25,000 rebates to customers who signed up for direct deposit." 

They added all 573,000 credit card rebates have been issued to eligible ICBC customers. To date, the ministry has sent out $142 million in relief rebates.

When can British Columbians expect their rebate cheques?

The ministry said they began issuing rebate cheques in June.

In total, the ministry has processed more than 260,000 cheques, with another 200,000 scheduled this week.

When Glacier Media asked about a timeline for all remaining rebates, the spokesperson could not specify.

Customers who paid by debit, cash, cheque, a payment plan or a credit card that couldn't be processed can expect to receive their rebates as a cheque. The same goes for anyone who had a technicality occur.