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Jagmeet Singh roasted by left-wingers for praising John McCain

Prospective Burnaby South MP met with harsh criticism for tweet

Federal NDP leader and prospective Burnaby South MP Jagmeet Singh joined in the chorus of praise for John McCain Sunday.

In a Tweet, he praised the U.S. Senator from Arizona, who died from brain cancer on Saturday, for his “courage not to stoop to divisive politics.”

“He showed us that we can disagree in a way that creates dialogue and discussion, not fear and division,” Singh said. “Rest In peace.”

Singh’s tweet was met with incredulous anger from many Twitter users. Many people expressed anger that the leader of Canada’s left-wing third party would praise a staunch Republican conservative who supported military interventions around the world. Most of the criticism appeared to come from people with progressive politics, who may be traditional supporters of the NDP.



While it appears the vast majority of replies to Singh's tweet were critical, not all were.