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Learn about worms at upcoming session

Red wigglers are uniquely suited to composting waste

At first glance, the red wiggler worm may look like a simple creature - but when it comes to converting waste to high-quality compost, the wiggler can't be beat. And later this month, Burnaby residents will have a chance to learn more about them.

The NOW recently profiled Bintoro Gunadi, a Burnaby resident and international soil expert, about his new venture, Burnaby Red Wigglers.

Gunadi has begun supplying wigglers for home composting efforts, and is hoping to expand into large-scale business and educational organizations as time goes on.

The wigglers can convert waste - food scraps, yard waste and even paper - into rich vermicompost for gardens. A pound of worms can compost a pound of waste in just a couple of days.

The upcoming workshop, called Moving Forward to Intensive VermucultureVermicomposting in B.C., is slated for April 28, from 1: 30 to 3 p.m., at the Eagles Estate Heritage Garden and the Baldwin House.

The garden is located at 5655 Sperling Ave. in Burnaby.

Registration deadline is April 21, and the fee for the session is $30. Space is limited. To register, see Gunadi's website at www.burnaby, and click on Portfolio, then Services, or call 6045648089.

Gunadi is originally from the island of Java in Indonesia and has extensively researched the red wigglers. He came to Canada three years ago and lives with his wife and son.

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