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Letter: Burnaby garbage collection should be par for the course

This letter writer believes "Burnaby has done a great job" at keeping golf courses in good shape, but can look to Richmond to make them better.
An aerial view of Burnaby Mountain Golf Course.

The Editor,

Last weekend, I was playing Burnaby Mountain Golf Course and was flabbergasted by the amount of litter that was strewn all over the course.

For the front nine holes, I picked up whatever pieces of trash I encountered while I played my round. But by the time I got to the back nine, I had enough and focused on my golf game.

Burnaby has done a great job over the past decade making sure their golf courses are in great shape and are a good value, but the garbage situation is causing an unnecessary blemish on this municipality's reputation when it comes to our recreational facilities.

I know it's not a fun or desirable job, but the City of Burnaby needs to send out staff at least once a day to collect the stray pieces of litter that don't find their way into a garbage can.

Earlier this year, I was playing at Greenacres Golf Course in Richmond, and each course marshal's golf cart had a bucket and garbage tongs, and they were actively cleaning up all day.

And believe me, it made a huge difference, as there was next to no garbage on the course.

I hope that City of Burnaby management are able to encourage their employees to step up and help make our parks, playgrounds and golf courses truly world class.

- Martin Kendell, Burnaby