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Letter: Doing the speed limit in Burnaby school zones just gets you yelled at

Same with roundabouts and park zones
school zone hours web
A City of Burnaby worker puts up a school zone sign earlier this week.


Opinion: Burnaby drivers already whining about longer school zone speed limit times, NOW opinion

If you want an interesting driving experience in Burnaby, try doing the speed limit in either park or school zones. 

In regular travels up Patterson from Moscrop, I have vehicles run up behind me in the two park zones (30 km/h) at over 50 km/h; some honk their horns, others tailgate and one guy even passed me on the left across the solid yellow line and into oncoming traffic (a local resident to the area, as he turned into a driveway up the road). 

I've seen driving instructor cars, driven by students, pass through at more than 50 km/h in a park zone. Oddly enough, many of the drivers who race through the marked 30 km/h zones will then drive 20 to 30 km/h along the stretch at Central Park, which is not a designated 30 km/h zone. 
And then there are the roundabouts that Burnaby has installed in various places. If drivers are not mature enough to slow down for park or school zones, what makes the council think that they will operate roundabouts correctly? 

Turn signals? What are those?

Andrew Munro, Burnaby