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Letter: I was just in Burnaby Hospital and it was 'disgusting'

A recent patient details her experience


I spent three-and-a-half hours at Burnaby Hospital recently, which is operated by Fraser Health and the conditions were so disgusting inside that if I had to choose between going back or death – I’d choose the latter.

Here’s what I saw.

The entire time I was there, not once was anything cleaned — not by janitorial staff or by nursing staff. I saw one, maybe two nurses use hand sanitizer on a few occasions, but not regularly, and definitely not in between seeing each patient, either.

At one point, a male nurse came in without a mask. This would be on Fraser Health’s surveillance.

There was also definitely a COVID-19 patient mixed in with the rest of us, too. A “DROPLET PRECAUTIONS” sign was posted on their room curtain. Not much else appeared to be done in terms of keeping the rest of us safe.

The curtain wasn’t even closed properly.

The area I was in - chairs in section ‘C’ - also wasn’t socially distanced. They were side by side, as close as you could possibly get.

The bathroom was also probably a COVID/bacteria hot zone. Urine was left on the floor, feces on the toilet, and clearly-used urine sample cups were left on a shelf. And yes, I have photos to back all of this up.

For B.C. Health Minister Adrian Dix to get on his podium and tell us “hospitals are safe” if we need medical attention and all of the other BS that he and his sidekicks Dr. Bonnie Henry and John Horgan feeds us is just that – BS.

Given that this is Fraser Health, I can’t say I’m surprised by these conditions in the slightest, but someone is clearly dropping the ball when it comes to our emergency rooms. This question is, who bears the responsibility?

Last January, right before the pandemic really kicked off, an alarm was sounded on multiple issues at Burnaby Hospital, including inadequate cleaning. Yet even in the middle of a pandemic, nothing has changed.

(Name withheld after receiving threatening comments)