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Letter: Our anti-Trans Mountain group didn't spike these Burnaby trees

But someone did put workers in danger
spiked trees
This sign, which warns Trans Mountain workers of galvanized spikes in trees, was found by anti-pipeline activists in the Brunette River area.


Re: An open letter to Trans Mountain about the spiking trees on TMX pipeline right of way in Burnaby.

On considering the expected re-start of TMX (Trans Mountain expansion) work in the Burnaby area, Protect the Planet: Stop TMX would like to publicly emphasize that we are committed to non-violent peaceful action. 

Protect the Planet: Stop TMX is a group of local citizen volunteers. We do not condone any actions that might endanger workers. 

We bring this up because around Feb. 15, 2021 we observed a sign posted on a tree near Holmes Creek, in an area designated for the TMX pipeline. 

The sign, signed by a Dr. Anonymous, stated that trees had been spiked. We searched the area but found no spikes. On returning to the area a few days later, we then found large nails in trees that did not have them before. A few days later, a red circle had been painted around these spikes.

PPSTMX denounces Dr. Anonymous and anyone who does things that might result in the injury of workers. We would report anyone we caught doing such a thing.

For the safety of everyone, from environmental, social and economic points of view, we want to see TMX stopped. However, we only support non-violent actions. We sincerely regret that the TMX workers may have been in danger and sincerely hope that no such thing will be repeated.

For a clean energy future.

Cynthia Lee, on behalf of Protect the Planet: Stop TMX