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Letter: Out-of-service elevator a concern for disabled patrons at Burnaby mall

This letter writer claims an elevator outside the Temporary Cameron Library has not been available for six weeks.
A letter writer claims, as of June 13, 2024, the elevator outside the Temporary Cameron Library in Burnaby's Lougheed mall has been out-of-service for six weeks.

The Editor:

As the adult child of a disabled parent, I paid attention to the accessibility of the new, temporary Cameron Branch of Burnaby Public Library in Lougheed Mall when it opened in late April 2024.

I was disappointed to discover that an elevator that connects the upper and lower levels of the mall, just outside the library's entrance, was out-of-service. 

The handicap-designated parking stalls, closest to the library, are located on the upper level.

Consequently, a parent with an infant in a stroller, a senior using a walker, or anyone encumbered by a large bag of books has to walk to the other side of the mall to use the other elevator.

After six weeks, the elevator remains out-of-service. 

The mall management advised me that a repair is waiting on parts that are hard to obtain. 

I suggest the mall management needs to hire another elevator maintenance company with more creative service technicians capable of using OEM parts.

The public library is a significant new attractor of foot traffic to Lougheed Mall. 

The mobility impaired patrons deserve more respect and better service.

- Derek Wilson, Port Moody