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Letter: This Burnaby construction project disrupts our neighbourhood's 'livability'

This letter writer claims Metro Vancouver's Winston Street water main project is causing headaches.
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The Editor:

The number and scope of construction projects in our Burnaby neighbourhood is over the top.

These projects have and continue to disrupt the livability of our neighbourhood in many ways.

Specifically, the Winston Street water main project, which has been ongoing for three years with no end in sight.

It is over budget financially and for the past six months, the contractor hired by Metro Vancouver has been causing so much noise that it has impacted residents from lawful use and enjoyment of their property.

At 7 a.m., they start with the pile driving and other construction activities. This continues all day long.

I reached out to the City of Burnaby Engineering department. They referred me to Metro Vancouver stating that they do not have jurisdiction to enforce the noise bylaws.

The bylaw allows no more than 85 decibels at a distance of 15.2 metres from the construction project. I am approximately 300 metres away and the noise is excessive.

Unbelievably, Metro Vancouver and their contractors are responsible for measuring and monitoring the noise levels. Wow! We are letting the inmates run the asylum.

I have written to the Mayor and Burnaby Council, however, since an election is still more than two years away, I doubt that I will receive a response.

Additionally, there was never any community consultation conducted in relation to this project.

Accountability from the City of Burnaby and our Mayor and council? Colour me dubious.

- Mario Giardini, Burnaby