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Letter: Traffic patterns in this Burnaby neighbourhood are 'a mess'

"The situation is not going to get better" with more towers planned near Willingdon Avenue and Halifax Street, this letter writer claims.
Map of the Grosvenor Brentwood development site in Burnaby.

The Editor:

Re: This is what the new Burnaby community centre will look like in Brentwood (April 5, 2024)

This letter is to share our disapproval of the announcement of more towers being built in the Amazing Brentwood area.

We are part of the "Amazing" Brentwood area and already it is not so "Amazing" when it comes to the infrastructure around it.

Underground, as well the upper parking lots area, is a mess as people try and take shortcuts through the underground parking lot and speed through to avoid the Lougheed and Willingdon junction.

No thought has been given to the area around the Willingdon/Halifax Street area either. There are meter parking lots on Halifax Street unrestricted by time.

During rush hours, a lot of cars are trying to avoid the busy Lougheed Highway/Willingdon Junction, for obvious reasons, and taking Halifax street via Gilmore.

Due to the occupied city metered parking lane on Halifax Street, the right turning from Halifax Street onto Willingdon can become a mile long.

Common sense, which is not so common, would be to restrict the parking on Halifax Street during peak hours. This is just one example.

The situation is not going to get better as more such towers have been approved and planned for on corner of Willingdon Avenue and Halifax Street.

- Almas Allibhai, Burnaby