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Letter: Why are we letting Big Oil have a voice?

Enough is enough, this writer says.
With the climate crisis wreaking havoc, why are we letting Big Oil take centre stage at the UBCM? That's this writer's question.

The Editor:

Thousands of wildfires have burned over 14 million hectares of land across Canada.

Unprecedented droughts are destroying farmlands, while Nova Scotians struggle to recover from torrential flooding.

Meanwhile, the fossil fuel companies responsible for these crises continue raking in obscene profits.

As I send this letter, the UBCM is currently happening in Vancouver. All of the top sponsors are fossil fuel companies.

Why are we allowing these companies a seat at the table to determine the future of our cities?

Enough is enough.

Time for our government to step in and stop fossil fuel subsidies, prevent these companies from weakening critical climate legislation, and tax Big Oil.

To tackle the climate emergency, the world needs to rapidly phase out fossil fuels and make polluters pay.

The global shift to cheaper, more reliable clean energy is accelerating, no matter what Big Oil says.

- Chris Zanella, New Westminster