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Letter: Why I think Burnaby's Brentwood area is 'unattractive'

This letter writer believes Brentwood needs more active transportation infrastructure, not high rise towers.
Grosvenor Brentwood Master Plan Overview with Community Centre
Grosvenor is a master-plan development that sits on nearly eight acres on the south side of Lougheed Highway right next to the Brentwood SkyTrain station. | Grosvenor

The Editor:

Re: This is what the new Burnaby community centre will look like in Brentwood (April 5, 2024)

I would rather see more density in single family neighbourhoods than adding two more towers to the disaster that is the "Amazing Brentwood." 

The design of the Brentwood area is unimaginative and unattractive and I wonder how adaptive it is for climate change.

The area lacks accessibility for people with disabilities. It is missing active transportation infrastructure — (disability sensitive) separated bicycle and pedestrian paths.

There is insufficient green space — even with the new plans. While the proposed community centre will provide some public space and green space, it will not be enough.

I completely agree with Morgan Nicholsfigueiredo's comment in the NOW — City Hall has created a neighbourhood at Brentwood that doesn't work well for the people who live there and that discourages anyone who doesn't live there from going there.

Burnaby needs to create community, provide green spaces and public spaces throughout the City, improve active transportation networks and facilitate a more fun and vibrant City.

Adding two more high rises at Brentwood doesn't do this.

Instead of more high rises towers, we need to thoughtfully and in consultation with single family neighbourhoods, build out the "missing middle" — and not on City parks.

- Christine Cunningham, Burnaby