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Lower Mainland Green Team offers chance to get outdoors and help the environment

Two opportunities await community members interested in making positive environmental impact.
Help clean up spring litter and participate in yellow fish storm drain marking with Lower Mainland Green Team. Photo Lower Mainland Green Team

Passionate about the environment? Fun opportunities are on the way.

The Lower Mainland Green Team is back in Burnaby this spring and is looking for volunteers to get outdoors and help.

On Saturday, May 27, you can join the Lower Mainland Green Team, Byrne Creek Streamkeepers and the City of Burnaby for a spring litter cleanup and storm drain marking at Ron McLean Park and surrounding areas.

People of all ages and experience levels are encouraged to register for a productive morning cleaning up litter and painting yellow fish on storm drains at the park.

The goal is to care for nature, ensuring litter and toxic spills stay out of ecosystems and waterways, while also socializing in the outdoors. The event will help volunteers learn where storm drains go (spoiler: directly to streams and fish habitat) and how to keep the waterways healthy. It will also help demonstrate the importance of ensuring only rainwater enters storm drains, show how to sort waste, and more.

The event is rain or shine, and gloves, tools, supplies, educational instruction and refreshments will be provided. It is to be noted that the storm drain marking activity will happen only when it’s not raining.

The charity, in partnership with Green Teams of Canada, and the City of Burnaby has developed interactive opportunities to make a positive environmental impact. Interested folks can sign up directly on their Meetup Page or by emailing [email protected].

Following the May event, the group will be inviting members from the community to work alongside the Cariboo Heights Preservation Society on Saturday, June 10, from 9:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. and help remove invasive plants including Himalayan blackberry, English ivy and small balsam in the area.

The activity, which is part of Burnaby Environment week, will help teach about different species of invasive plants, their impacts on local habitats and what can be done to reduce the spread and protect biodiversity. Volunteers can sign up here for the June event.