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New interactive, after-dark Halloween experience coming to Burnaby

Get ready for a "one-of-a-kind" interactive haunted village experience in Warner Loat Park this Halloween season.

Things are about to become spooky at Warner Loat Park as the deep dark woods turn into a medieval village where monsters and orcs lurk in the shadows.

On Oct. 20, Empty Chest Adventures will transform the park into an interactive, medieval haunted village. The event is usually held in Abbotsford but is coming to Burnaby for the 2022 Halloween season with the support of Tourism Burnaby. 

Organizers promise a bone-chilling experience, with something for everyone — except the fainthearted.

Participants will be thrust into a medieval village to fight monsters, including shooting arrows at orcs, fulfill treasure-hunting quests and find the missing villagers. Each choice you make changes the storyline, which will give guests a one-of-a-kind experience, say the organizers.

If the two-hour-long action is too much or you want to play it safe, grab a Steamworks Brewery beer at the village tavern with your friends. 

For those more adventurous, you can choose a time-limited VIP experience that will immerse you for the day, including making your own bows to take on your haunted village romp and lunch. But beware — there are only four days up for grabs, and tickets are limited for this exclusive experience.

To cosplay or not?

This is the time to break out your Nordic braiding skills and horned helmet, as the adventure is set back when Vikings roamed and pillaged, so you're encouraged to dress up as an orc-fighting Viking to get the full experience. 

Whether you're cosplaying or not, be sure to wear proper footwear as you'll be outside in a muddy village for two hours doing medium-strenuous activities.

The good ol’ days had mouthwatering meals, but it would be wise to bring some snacks along. Besides, well-fed humans are better for the orcs if you don’t make it out.

The event is rain or shine, but there will be undercover areas to soak up some beer instead of rain, should you need it.

The adventure is reserved for adults, but teenagers can be allowed with prior permission from the organizers.

For tickets and more information, visit their website.

The Empty Chest Adventures

Where: Warner Loat Park - 4252 Piper Ave, Burnaby

When: Oct. 21 to Oct. 31;

           Haunted House adventure from 5-10 p.m.

           VIP adventure (only on weekends) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cost: Tickets to be purchased as groups of 4 ($200-$250 per group); an average of $50-$60 per person.