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'Not safe': Burnaby resident raises complaints about development

Strata councils around the Gilmore Place development have seen damage and heaving to sidewalks - one resident says nearby development construction is to blame.

In a delegation to council, Burnaby resident Martin Kendell asked the city for immediate repairs to damaged sidewalks around the development at Gilmore Place.

Kendell, who is running for city council in October, asked council to make the Onni Group, which owns the Gilmore Place development, reimburse nearby stratas that he says have each paid over $100,000 each in remediation.

He presented photographs showing a variety of damage to sidewalks and walkways in the surrounding area of the development, including one sidewalk that had fallen away from the base of the building.

He blames the damage on the construction happening at the nearby Gilmore Place development.

As strata president of 4182 Dawson St., and speaking for the stratas at 3993 Henning St., 4118 and 4178 Dawson St., Kendell said the damage is a danger – with significant tripping hazards causing the sidewalks to become unwalkable and inaccessible.

“It is not safe at all,” Kendell said.

“The sidewalks especially are just in terrible shape,” he told the NOW.

Kendell told council that the building at 3993 Henning Dr. might have seen the most dramatic sinking, as the sidewalk has fallen away from the base of the business park.

Mayor Mike Hurley said the concerns would be referred to engineering staff, to repair any sections that are city property and to return with workable solutions.