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Opinion: Burnaby shopper caught pawing eggs amid COVID-19

Keep your stinking paws off the eggs in stores
Photo: RapidEye/Getty Images

I loved my dear-departed grandmother, but there was one thing she used to do that really made me gag.

She would open up egg cartons and examine them and then switch ones she didn’t like with ones from a different carton.

Yes, I know, they are covered with a shell, but it still felt gross seeing her hands all over food that would be bought by others.

I experience this same feeling the other day – only even worse due to COVID-19 – when I was in a Burnaby grocery store.

I was waiting my turn to grab a carton of eggs when I saw the woman in front of my with three cartons open at the same time.

I stood there with my jaw wide open watching her paw her way through all of the eggs, switching some with others.

Then she packed up all three, put two back on the shelf and then walk away with her carton.

“You can’t do that I said,” but this sociopath just pushed her way passed me.

A store employee also witnessed this behaviour and thankfully grabbed the two other cartons and took them away, shaking his head.

Grocery stores have signs up asking people not to touch the vegetables due to COVID-19, but I see plenty of people ignore them.

Just appalling.

So let this be a warning to wash your hands thoroughly after touching those eggs you just bought.

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