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Opinion: Dude brags in video about ‘lit’ Burnaby party breaking COVID-19 rules. I’m gobsmacked

Complaint filed with the City of Burnaby
lit party
A dude got real close with people he didn't live with who weren't wearing masks.

Perhaps Burnaby’s worst COVID-19 outbreak not related to a care home just ended after being started by an ill-advised trivia night at a pub.

I mention the outbreak at the SFU Childcare Centre because it was a prime example of how people not following best practices can lead to 300 coronavirus cases spread across multiple cities.

And so I’m brooding because of a video I was sent showing some terrible behaviour being demonstrated by clients of a Burnaby business.

The video was sent to me by someone who had also viewed it and was gobsmacked at the reckless behaviour being shown.

I am also stunned by the behaviour after months and months of sustained information by provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry.

The video talks about a “lit” Burnaby party at a local business after this person had worked his shift.

He wanders around this club with a video camera and sits at various tables to laugh and giggle with customers. He’s in close contact with multiple people and those people are seen jumping back and forth between tables.

It’s also clear that at least some of the tables are made up of people who are part of different groups. Some people have masks, but many don’t and others just have them drooping around their chins.

“I am having a hard time understanding why this business does not care about the rules that everyone has to follow including myself to prevent the pandemic from getting worse,” said the person who forwarded me the video. “This is exactly how the trivia night caused such a large outbreak.”

The person who sent me the video has filed a complaint with the City of Burnaby. I’m not sharing the video because I see a lot of legal issues in doing so, but I’m sharing the details as yet another reminder of why we’re seeing case numbers remain so high in B.C. and Burnaby.

Weekly COVID-19 cases have stayed above 200 for four consecutive weeks.

People need to suck it up for another few months until people get vaccinated and then we’ll hopefully see public health orders loosen up.

Then people can go and get “lit” at a party.

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