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Opinion: My old Burnaby school is getting hammered by COVID-19

If you haven’t seen the web page that lists COVID-19 cases at schools in the Fraser Health region , it’s pretty sobering stuff.
Burnaby North Secondary School
The existing 64-year-old Burnaby North Secondary building is at “highest risk of widespread damage or structural failure" during an earthquake, according to the province's seismic-risk rating scale. The district is on track to replace it by fall 2022, according to a recent update.

If you haven’t seen the web page that lists COVID-19 cases at schools in the Fraser Health region, it’s pretty sobering stuff.

You can click on each community, as well as independent schools, and see what the latest exposures, or potential exposures, are according health officials.

I check it at least once a day to see how things are going in Burnaby because the NOW has been updating them through stories.

The daily list makes me sad because there are so many schools on it, but it also makes me sad for a different reason.

The list hits close to home because during the past few weeks I keep seeing Burnaby North Secondary School, where I graduated from back in *cough* the 1980s. I live close to the school and drive by there often. I still feel close to it and its impact on my life.

So when I see BNSS listed week after week, it’s like a punch to the gut. So far, BNSS has had notices sent home to parents at least nine times since the start of the school in September.

Nine times.

The latest exposure dates list are Nov. 12-13.

The list also includes a new exposure at Parkcrest Elementary, where I attended Kindergarten to Grade 7 in *coughs harder* the 1970s. That date was on Nov. 13.

So the two schools that I love and adore are being impacted by COVID-19. I feel for all of the families and the teachers and staff. It must be so stressful to be there at this time, not knowing if someone will be bringing a deadly virus into the hallways.

And imagine the BNSS families getting nine exposure notices sent to them. It is the city’s biggest school so it makes sense that with a bigger student population there will be more cases, but that probably isn’t comforting for the families or the teachers and staff.

I get by Dr. Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix want schools open. I understand about how low transmissions are with children, according to Henry.

But it still feels scary and I don’t even have to attend there anymore.

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