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Parents getting political

Parents' Voice group creating a new civic party

Members of a parents' group opposed to the Burnaby school board's anti-homophobia policy are forming a new civic party.

Parents' Voice spokesperson Gordon World confirmed Friday that some members were in the preliminary stages of forming a civic party.

"We're having meetings and getting our platform solidified and getting our communications set up," World said.

The party will not be called Parents' Voice, but it will have a focus on parents.

World said the group is not putting city council candidates forward but is hoping to run a full slate for school board.

"We have a number of expressions of interest. Today we don't have a full confirmed slate, we're definitely shooting for that," he said.

George Kovacic and Charter Lau - Burnaby residents and outspoken critics of the school board policy - will also be involved.

After weeks of controversy, the Burnaby school board passed a new policy on June 14 that's intended to protect staff and students from homophobic bullying.

Parents' Voice had formed in opposition to the policy, claiming it infringes on their rights to educate their children according to their moral and religious beliefs.