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Photo: Burnaby NOW carriers bring the news to your door

Here's a shout-out to the hard-working folks who make it happen every week.
Newspaper carriers good
Georgie and Joey Comory make sure the Burnaby NOW gets delivered to houses in the Lakeview Elementary neighbourhood.

Neither rain nor heat nor summer humidity shall keep these carriers from their appointed rounds.

We at the Burnaby NOW send a Friday morning shout-out to all the newspaper carriers out there who bring the news to your doorsteps every week — even in the face of repeated summer heat waves.

Here's seven-year-old Georgie Gomory, accompanied by three-year-old sibling Joey, as they make their rounds in the area near Lakeview Elementary School.

Georgie is saving up his earnings for a video game console.

Thanks to the Gomory family for all their hard work, and way to go, Georgie!

Check out our Contact Us link for all the details on how to contact distribution and to fill out an online carrier application form.