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Photos: Ancient dance from India whisks Burnaby on a spiritual journey

Precision footwork, hand gestures and colourful attire from "Khoj: the Search" captivated audience members at Burnaby's Michael J. Fox Theatre.

Hundreds were spiritually moved by a performance in Burnaby this past weekend that showcased a classical dance from India.

"Khoj: the Search" was not only a bright and colourful sight for the Michael J Fox Theatre audience on Sunday night (Aug. 20), but it brought the ancient art of Kathak to life.

A live orchestra accompanied the dance ensemble in hopes of fully capturing the magic of Kathak.

The event told the story of searching for beauty in "an unshaped space," said artistic director and storyteller Usha Gutpa prior to the show. She was also part of the recital.

Dancers led Burnaby patrons along the journey through expressive faces, unique hand movements and precision footwork.