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Photos: Olympic champion Damian Warner wows crowd at Burnaby track classic

Warner earned the unofficial title of "the world's greatest athlete" after Tokyo Olympics performance.

"The world's greatest athlete" put on a performance Tuesday (June 14) during the 2022 Harry Jerome Track Classic in Burnaby.

Damian Warner, who earned the unofficial title after claiming decathlon gold for Canada at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, took part in the men's open international 110-metre hurdles and men's long jump.

The gold medallist won both events at Swanguard Stadium, finishing with a time of 13.68 seconds on the track and a jump of 7.69 metres across the sand. 

"Every single time you can go into a competition that pushes you, it’s always a step forward," Warner said during a news conference on Monday (June 13) to promote the event.

"These are always great opportunities to practice and opportunities to win and to lose and to learn."

During the 2020 summer games, the 32-year-old from London, Ont., set an Olympic record and became the fourth man to break the 9,000-point mark in decathlon — a challenge consisting of 10 track-and-field disciplines. 

Warner matched his world best time in the 100-metre race (10.12 seconds), and followed up by breaking a 24-year-old Olympic decathlon record in the long jump at 8.24 metres. 

He would finish the first day with a season-best time in 400 metres. 

At the start of day two, Warner recorded an Olympic decathlon best time in the 100-metre hurdles at 13.46 seconds.

He went on to match his personal best in the pole vault and set a season-best in javelin. 

As a result of his victory, Warner was chosen to be Canada's flag-bearer at the closing ceremonies in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, Simon Fraser University (SFU) athletes also took part in the track and field events during this year's classic. 

Blake Furtado finished seventh in the long jump competition at 6.40 metres, while Alison Andrews-Paul placed fifth in the women's 800-metre international race. 

Kirubel Bogale finished eighth in the men's national 800-metre, and Charlie Dannatt finished 10th in the men's international 1500-metre run.