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Police still catching more dangerous trucks in Burnaby than rest of Lower Mainland

Of 1,037 commercial vehicles checked in Burnaby in 2021, 620 were taken off the road for safety violations – that's 60%
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A tow truck driver prepares to tow a truck from Cariboo Road near 10th Avenue in February after the truck failed a safety check.

More dangerous trucks continue to be taken off the road in Burnaby than elsewhere in the Lower Mainland, according to local police.

In 2021, Burnaby RCMP's traffic unit joined officers from 10 other partner agencies in the region to conduct 42 commercial vehicle enforcements across the Lower Mainland, according to a police news release.

More than half (55%) of the trucks checked (1,087 of 1,980) were taken off the road for safety violations.

During 25 enforcement operations in Burnaby, however, 60% of the trucks checked (620 of 1,037) were taken out of service.

“This is an alarming number of trucks taken off the road," Burnaby RCMP media spokesperson Cpl. Mike Kalanj said in the release. “This is why we will continue to collaborate with our partner agencies to keep our roadways safe.”

Last year, 62% of trucks inspected in Burnaby were taken off the road compared to 52% in the region as a whole.

The top 5 violations in 2021, starting with the most common, have been defective vehicles, insecure cargo, use of electronic devices, inadequate paperwork and the improper transportation of dangerous goods.

The top 4 vehicle defects have been lights, tires, brakes and steering.

One encouraging statistic shows a dramatic increase in enforcement.

In 2020, there were 15 enforcement blitzes in Burnaby. 

This year, there have been 25.

Across the Lower Mainland the number has jumped, too, from 23 in 2020 to 42 this year.

Along with taking unsafe trucks off the road, officers have dinged drivers for being impaired, carrying a weapon, overstaying a visa, displaying a stolen insurance sticker, driving while prohibited and speeding excessively.

“This integrated team has done an amazing job throughout the Lower Mainland,” Burnaby RCMP Cpl. Mike Kalanj said in the release. “Expect to see these enforcement operations throughout 2022 and beyond.”