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Preliminary results show low voter turnout in Burnaby for 2021 federal election

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada will form a minority government
A voter picks up a pencil to cast their ballot at a polling location on election day during the 44th Canadian general election, on Monday, Sept. 20, 2021.

The 2021 federal election is now over, but it appears voter turnout in Canada's 44th election was underwhelming. 

According to projected data from Elections Canada,16,061,329 voters cast a ballot out of a total of 27,266,297 eligible voters which equates to just 58.69%. 

The ridings of Burnaby North-Seymour and Burnaby South also failed to crack 60% turnout the preliminary numbers show. 

In Burnaby North-Seymour, where Liberal Party of Canada incumbent Terry Beech won his third straight election, 45,666 votes were counted compared to a total of 79395 registered electors. 

The numbers equate to 57.52%. 

In 2019, Burnaby South saw 50,525 ballots cast out of 77,969 registrations. 

Burnaby South, where NDP Party of Canada Leader Jagmeet Singh was also re-elected, was even lower with just 37,806 votes cast out of 79,964 registered voters.

The total equals just 47.28%. 

During the 43rd election in 2019, 45,423 Canadians took advantage of the opportunity to vote out of 80,312 who were allowed to cast ballots.

British Columbia also failed to reach 60% voter turnout, with 2,070,313 deciding to vote out of a total of 3,693,776 eligible residents on Elections Canada's voter list. 

As of publication, Terry Beech has taken 17,983 votes and 39.4% of the overall vote in Burnaby North Seymour while Jagmeet Singh has received 15,041 votes which is 39.8% of the overall vote.