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Swearing the oath: Burnaby city council inaugurated

Three new councillors sworn in on Wednesday, along with the rest of council.

The newly elected Burnaby city council has been officially sworn in.

On Nov. 2, Judge Eugene Jamieson of B.C. Provincial Court swore in the councillors in a ceremony at Michael J. Fox Theatre.

The councillors and mayor must take an oath to serve the city.

The new council has a sturdy supermajority in the Burnaby Citizens Association (BCA), which requires its members to hold NDP membership.

Green Party Coun. Joe Keithley maintained his seat, having first punctured the BCA stronghold in 2018.

Coun. Richard T. Lee of new centrist party One Burnaby, and former 16-year Burnaby North MLA, swapped seats with former One Burnaby Coun. Mike Hillman.

Mayor Mike Hurley, independent, had the support of all three political parties and ran unopposed to acclamation. 

What are councillors responsibilities?

According to the City of Burnaby, councillors are responsible for:

  • Considering the well-being and interests of the municipality and its community.
  • Contributing to the development and evaluation of the policies and programs of the municipality.
  • Participating in council and committee meetings and carrying out other duties assigned by the council.

What about the mayor?

The mayor is responsible for the same duties as councillors, with the additional responsibilities of being the city's head and chief executive officer, including:

  • Providing leadership to the council by recommending bylaws, resolutions and other measures to ensure peace, order and good governance of the municipality.
  • Presiding at council meetings and communicate information to the council.
  • Providing direction to municipal officers while respecting the implementation of municipal policies, programs and other directions of council.
  • Performing other duties like attending and hosting ceremonies, meeting visiting dignitaries and officials and participating in fundraising and local community events.

Burnaby mayor and city councillors