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The heat is on: Burnaby expected to hit 32 C this week

There's also some rain in the forecast.
Burnaby is expected to see temperatures climb past 30 C this week, with a high of 32 C expected Wednesday (June 7).

Brace yourselves, Burnaby: The heat is about to hit again.

Burnaby can expect summer temperatures once more this week, with temperatures reaching 32 C again, according to the Weather Network's current forecast.

Today (Monday, June 5) has started off clear and sunny, with a current temperature of about 14 C (as of 8:45 a.m.). It's expected to warm up to a high of 22 C, with sunshine all day long. But the real heat arrives tomorrow, when Tuesday hits a high of 28 C, while Wednesday is expected to hit 32 C. Thursday will see mainly sunny skies with a high of 26 C that feels like 27 C.

After that, temperatures are expected to dip again — and we may finally see some rain. Friday and Saturday are both expected to be cloudy with showers and highs reaching 20 C.

Right now, though? Get out the sunscreen and the shades again, and make your preparations to stay cool.

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