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These are the top 10 most expensive homes in Burnaby

The 10 priciest homes in Burnaby ranged from $5.5 million to $26 million.

The 2024 roll is in, and property assessments for the year have been released.

Beloved local crooner Michael Bublé's property is the most expensive home in town, coming in at $26,318,000, and it's the only Burnaby home to make the province's top 500 valued homes, according to BC Assessment's list.

But what about other local homes?

Half of Burnaby's priciest properties are in the Government Road area, neighbours to Bublé's property at 7868 Government Rd., according to a list provided to the NOW by BC Assessment.

Three of the properties are in Deer Lake, and two are in North Burnaby.

Four of the properties saw their values jump more than 10 per cent since last year; those properties have seen their values increase between $618,000 and $690,000.

The $5,898,000 valuation of 8120 Hunter St. in the Government Road neighbourhood was the highest increase at 13 per cent with a dollar value of $680,000 more than last year. 

Bublé's property, which saw a 3 per cent increase over the year, had the highest dollar value jump at $789,000.

The typical single-family home in Burnaby increased by four per cent, according to a BC Assessment press release, and most homes throughout the province changed in the range of -5 to +5 per cent.

Two new properties on the Burnaby top 10 list are 8112 Government Rd. and 3699 Lynndale Cres., which kicked off 7466 Whelen Court (last year's eighth highest assessed property) and 5178 Sperling Ave. (2023's 10th highest assessed property). 

Together, the top 10 priciest homes amount to $84.7 million, a five per cent increase from 2023.


They gained a combined $4.8 million in value since last year.

BC Assessment told the NOW there are roughly 84,315 residential properties in Burnaby, including single-family and strata residential.

There are about 9,865 strata townhomes and 41,178 strata apartments in the city and 7,163 non-residential properties.

The numbers are an approximation as some single properties may fall into two or more categories, and definitions can differ for each property type, BC Assessment assessor Bryan Murao said.   

Burnaby's most expensive properties: listed

  1. 7868 Government Rd. ($26,318,000)
    • Value rose 3% or $789,000
  2. 7629 Burris St. ($11,328,000)
    • Value rose 6% or $637,000
  3. 7558 Government Rd. ($6,539,000)
    • Value rose 12% or $690,000
  4. 6636 Deer Lake Dr. ($5,981,000)
    • Value rose 5% or $284,000
  5. 5370 Buckingham Ave. ($5,966,000)
    • Value rose 4% or $234,000
  6. 8120 Hunter St. ($5,898,000)
    • Value rose 13% or $680,000
  7. 7353 Braeside Dr. ($5,854,000)
    • Value rose 2% or $106,000
  8. 8112 Government Rd. ($5,674,000)
    • Value rose 12% or $626,000
  9. 3699 Lynndale Cres. ($5,639,000)
    • Value rose 12% or $618,000
  10. 909 Burnwood Ave. ($5,515,000)
    • Value rose 3% or $176,000