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These Burnaby neighbourhoods are getting new sidewalks, construction to start this year

The city will host open houses for residents about the new sidewalks in June.

The City of Burnaby is planning to build new sidewalks on five streets throughout the city.

Residents in the Brentwood, Lochdale and South Slope neighbourhoods will see sidewalk construction begin late this year on the following roads:

  • Gilmore Avenue (between Douglas Road and William Street)
  • Carleton Avenue (between William Street and Union Street)
  • Dunnedin and Carnegie streets (from the laneway to Duncan Avenue)
  • Portland Street (from the cul-de-sac after Buller Avenue to Gilley Avenue)

The city said its installing new sidewalks as part of its updated transportation plan, which seeks to improve accessibility and promote walking as a safe and sustainable mode of transportation, as well as reduce automobile travel.

Construction is expected to run from late 2024 to late 2025.

“We will make every effort to minimize any inconvenience during the construction period,” says the city’s website. “However, the sidewalk, road and infrastructure works are moving operations, so work will not always be in one area every day.”

Various improvements will include curbs, gutters and road paving, wheelchair ramps at street corners, upgraded streetlights, new driveway ramps, new and upgraded existing crosswalks and upgrades to the existing bus stops.

Gilmore Avenue will also get a new, shared walking and cycling path on the east side of Gilmore Avenue connecting to the existing Douglas Street path.

The city will install curb extensions at crosswalks in or near school zones to reduce the pedestrian crossing distance and promote lower vehicle speeds.

The city plans to keep existing parking lanes, according to its website.

Trees will be removed if they are near a new sidewalk or other new infrastructure, or if they are in poor health or dying.

The city will host drop-in open houses for affected residents and property owners on the following days:

Burnaby is planning new sidewalks for Dunnedin and Carnegie streets. City of Burnaby

Burnaby sidewalk open house: Dunnedin and Carnegie streets

  • When: Wednesday, June 5 from 4 to 6 p.m.
  • Where: Burnaby Public Library, McGill Branch, community room (4595 Albert St.)
Burnaby is planning new sidewalks for Gilmore Avenue. City of Burnaby

Burnaby sidewalk open house: Gilmore and Carleton avenues

  • When: Thursday, June 6 from 4 to 6 p.m.
  • Where: Kitchener Elementary School (1351 South Gilmore Ave.)
Burnaby is planning new sidewalks for Portland Street. City of Burnaby

Burnaby sidewalk open house: Portland Street

  • When: Tuesday, June 11 from 4 to 6 p.m.
  • Where: Burnaby Public Library, Tommy Douglas branch, community room (7311 Kingsway)

You can visit the city’s project website for more information on the new sidewalks.