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Throw a block party, plant a garden. Burnaby grants now up for grabs

Need extra cash to host a block party this summer? Neighbourhood Small Grants are now open for Burnaby residents.
Community garden.

Do you need a bit of seed money to throw a block party in Burnaby this summer?

What about plant a pollinator garden in your co-op, build a lending library for your street or host a fun sporting contest for local youth?

Until April 18, applications are open for a chance to gain a Neighbourhood Small Grant of up to $500 for a project or gathering.

Individuals and small groups in Burnaby are eligible to bid on the cash for their programs or events designed to connect people socially, or involve sharing skills or talents with each other.

If successful, the money can be used to pay for:

  • products
  • transportation
  • services
  • honorariums of up to $350

But here’s the catch: The program or event must be offered at no cost — or by a small optional donation — to participants.

Businesses and registered groups cannot apply.

Burnaby residents interested in applying for a Neighbourhood Small Grant can visit the website to learn more.

The grant winners will be notified in May and the cheque will be in the mail two weeks later.

Projects must be completed by the Oct. 31, 2024, deadline.