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TransLink making move from Burnaby to New Westminster

TransLink says it will save $2.6 million per year by moving its headquarters

TransLink is moving its headquarters from Burnaby to New Westminster's Brewery District this summer, which will combine three head offices and save $2.6 million a year.

TransLink, the Transit Police and Coast Mountain Bus Company will combine head offices at the new Sapperton location in New Westminster on June 1, according to TransLink spokesperson Derek Zabel.

The new building's lease will be $1.7 million a year, including operating costs, which will save a total of $2.6 million a year when TransLink officially occupies the new site, according to Zabel.

TransLink's head office is currently stretched over five floors at one of Metrotown's office towers near the SkyTrain station.

The lease for the site ended and TransLink had to move because of a competitive solicitation.

"Our business needs changed," he added. "We needed a facility to meet our needs in the long-term . The move made sense."

Zabel said TransLink went through the proper RFP process and the location in Sapperton was deemed the best solution.

The downside might be for employees who have to travel further, Zabel noted, but the new location has rapid transit close by.

"There will be a lot more collaboration between departments," he said. "There'll be an increase in productivity. People will get to know one another, as well."

In a previous interview with the NOW, Mayor Derek Corrigan said he understood TransLink's move was a financially driven decision.

"I understand there's a savings for them," he said, adding he hopes the costs of moving and setting up elsewhere were factored into the decision.

"If that's true, there is a business case for them to make the move," Corrigan added. "Hopefully it benefits all taxpayers in the Lower Mainland."

But he said the city is sorry to see the company go.