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TransLink to spend millions in Burnaby to upgrade walkways, paths and more

Burnaby will see 15 improvements and upgrades
Walking, cycling, transit
Burnaby will be receiving 15 upgrades to upgrading regional walkways, cycling paths and roads.

Burnaby will reap benefits from a $125 million investment from TranksLink to upgrade regional walkways, cycling paths and roads. 

For the first time, the annual upgrade funding is being sent to all 23 local governments throughout Metro Vancouver. 

The transit company announced today (June 24) a total of 131 projects have been identified, with Burnaby being listed for 15 of those. 

A breakdown of the $125 million for Metro Vancouver in 2021 is: 

  • Walking, cycling and multi-use paths (71 projects) - $36 million
  • Roads, structures and bus speed upgrades (60 projects) - $30.8 million
  • Operation and maintenance of the MRN - $58.2 million

“Our mandate is to think holistically about our transportation network and ensure that the people of Metro Vancouver have many efficient transportation options available to them," Interim CEO of TransLink Gigi Chen-Kuo said in a news release. 

"Whether it’s helping to improve the sidewalks we walk on, the paths we roll on, or the roads we drive on – TransLink’s role goes far beyond transit.”

The following projects have been approved for Burnaby: 

  • BC Parkway Central Boulevard Trail - $224,500
    • "Currently, BC Parkway in Metrotown RCC has a gap of about 100 metres where it becomes a narrow sidewalk. Given the significant volume of cyclists and pedestrians and increased pandemic-related demands, we are proposing to replace the aged and narrow sidewalk with a paved pathway 3.6 to 4.5 metres wide."
  • CVG Paving for Year-Round Commuter Cycling - $900,000
    • "This project provides a Class 1 walking/cycling facility. The existing gravel surface is rough and unsuitable to use in winter/fall months and difficult to maintain. Some sections will require minor widening to meet the 4.5 metre desired standard." 
  • BC Parkway - Southpoint Drive walking and cycling improvements - $124,000
    • "Walking and cycling access improvement by providing dedicated bike lanes to BC Parkway. Phase 1 for 2021 includes an RRFB crosswalk at Station Hill Drive and cycle tracks between Station Hill Drive and 20th St. Phase two to complete cycle tracks to Griffiths Drive. 
  • Imperial at Boundary - $60,185
    • "Based on the recommendations of an earlier Hot Spots Program Development Study, eastbound curb lane on Imperial Street to be converted to a 24/7 bus only lane from Boundary Road to east of Mandy Avenue. This will facilitate movement of Route #49 buses and align with priority measures in City of Vancouver."
  • Lougheed at Boundary - $48,173 
    • "Based on the recommendations from a Hot Spots Program Development Study completed earlier, conversion of a general purpose westbound curb lane is proposed on Lougheed highway. It will become a right turn and bus only lane to facilitate bus movements and to reduce bus delay at intersection."
  • Kingsway at Willingdon - $531,821
    • "Based on the recommendations from the earlier Hot Spots Study (program Development), a northbound bus queue jump lane is proposed on Willingdon by utilizing and modifying the existing northbound right turn lane at the intersection of Kingsway / Willingdon Ave. Depending on feasibility, it may be continued through to Grange with a transit phase at Grange." 
  • Lougheed at Willingdon - $37,846
    • "Based on the recommendations of the earlier Transit Hot Spots Study, conversion of the existing general purpose northbound curb lane on Willingdon Ave into a right turn and bus only lane is proposed. This will facilitate FTN bus movements and reduce bus delay at the intersection. In addition, a northbound right turn phase will be added to expedite buses making this movement. In addition, a right turn signal phase will be added."
  • Edmonds - Griffiths WB bus queue jump lane - $160,000
    • "Conversion of general-purpose curb lanes into bus-only lane on Edmonds Street to facilitate bus movements and to reduce bus delay at the intersection. This is first of a two-phase approach to this project. A second phase to look at signal improvements will be a submission for consideration under the 2022 BSR Program."
  • Imperial Street to Nelson Avenue Safety Improvements - $177,000
    • "Intersection Safety and Mobility Improvement (reduce collisions, delay, increase efficiency, reduce MRN travel time) by providing separate left turn lanes on all four legs, left turn signal and new cycling facilities."
  • Tenth Avenue - Canada Way Safety Improvements - $256,000
    • "Intersection safety and capacity improvement (reduce crash frequency and severity, reduce delay, reduce MRN travel time) by providing separate left turn lanes on all four legs."
  • Gilmore Urban Trail - $213,180
    • "Construction of a separated walking and cycling facility to is proposed with an additional southbound travel lane on Gilmore between Lougheed Highway and Halifax Street (to connect to existing facilities at each end)."
  • Hasting Street to Inlet Drive Improvements - $660,000
    • "Intersection Safety and urban trail Improvement including reduce collision risk, delay, increased reliability for RapidBus #5, reduced MRN travel time, enhanced walking and cycling facilities."
  • Lougheed Bike Safety Improvements Phase 1 - $801,000
    • "This project provides a Class 1 separated walking / cycling facility along Lougheed Highway through Brentwood town Centre. The sections identified for initial implementation are where currently there are street level bike lanes and there is no near term redevelopment potential. This include both sides of Lougheed between Beta and Delta and Madison and Rosser. Corner wheelchair ramps will also be enhanced and crosswalks realigned to improve pedestrian safety."
  • Willingdon Linear Park Trail - $894,820
    • "This project will provide a Class 1 separated walking / cycling facility along Willingdon Avenue shortly north of the Hastings St MRN. Willingdon Avenue is part of MBN that could be connected to TransCanada Trail that leads to Vancouver. The completed trail will a walking and cycling facility that are currently missing and extend the previously funded Linear Park Trail (MBN) to the Trans Canada Trail at Penzance Drive. It will provide safe access to community amenities including Eileen Daily Pool, McGill library, Confederation Community Centre and Park. Also the completes a multi-modal connection between the Trans Canada Trail and the Rapid Bus 5 on Hastings Street."
  • Imperial Street MRN Lighting Improvement - $260,000
    • "This project is proposed in response to numerous pedestrian complaints in the Regional City Centre area. Replacement of sub-standard hydro lease lights with proper energy efficient LED street light infrastructure along Imperial Street."