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Video: Burnaby's Christine Sinclair 'shook' from Ryan Reynolds' special message

Sinclair was awestruck and happy to receive a congratulatory video from another B.C. icon.
Ahead of her final two matches in a Canadian uniform, Burnaby's Christine Sinclair received a special video of congratulations from fellow B.C. icon Ryan Reynolds.

B.C. icons supporting B.C. icons.

Christine Sinclair has undoubtedly received many messages of gratitude as her official retirement from the Canadian women's soccer team draws closer.

Her final match, a friendly against Australia, is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 5, 7 p.m. at Christine Sinclair Place — changed from BC Place for the occasion.

But the Burnaby legend was recently gifted a video that caught her off guard.

During a recent interview with CBC Sports, she was surprised with a video from Vancouver actor and soccer club owner Ryan Reynolds congratulating her on her career.

As well, and perhaps more importantly, Reynolds said he was grateful for Sinclair's inspiration to people around the world — including him.

"I wanted to send you lots of love and what I really wanted to do is thank you," he said in the video, played before an awestruck, wide-eyed Sinclair.

"I wanted to thank you for inspiring me, my kids, kids all over Canada and the world; young, old, middle-aged. You're incredible and you deserve all the applause that hands could possibly give."

"That's like one of the best ones," Sinclair told journalist Andi Petrillo after watching the message. "I need it....and maybe his phone number."

"I'm, like, obsessed with the show [Welcome to Wrexham] and his [American Aviation] Gin.... I'm shook."

So, Sinclair's inspiration has reached celebrity status once more.

In Burnaby, the Christine Sinclair Community Centre officially kicked off on Sept. 9 as she made an appearance for the ribbon-cutting ceremony that included photo-ops with young soccer players.

Today, the B.C. government announced that Dec. 12 will be proclaimed "Christine Sinclair Day" across the province to recognize the Canadian captain's "extraordinary career."

On Dec. 6, a day after her final cap with Canada, Sinclair will again be honoured at B.C. Place for her retirement party with net proceeds going to the new Christine Sinclair Foundation dedicated to empowering "Girls with Goals."

There may also be a place in north Wales should Sinclair choose to continue her club career after one last campaign with the Portland Thorns in the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) in 2024.

At the beginning of Reynolds' video, he teased a possible stint with his globally-popular Welsh football club, Wrexham.

"I love Wrexham," said Sinclair in recognizing the video message was from the Deadpool and Free Guy star before pressing play.

Reynolds said she'll be welcomed at Wrexham AFC and her signing would be "huge for the town."

In addressing the tease, Sinclair remarked that she'd consider joining the third oldest football club in the world "for the right amount of money."