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Update: Two Burnaby classes win prizes in CBC Music Challenge (VIDEOS)

Glenwood Elementary, Second Street Community School take second prize in their categories
Second Street screenshot
These Second Street Community School students were among the finalists in the CBC Music Challenge.

Two music classes from Burnaby schools have emerged with prizes from this year's CBC Music Challenge.

Glenwood Elementary took second place in the primary instrumental category (grades K-3) for their rendition of Sandwiches, and Second Street Community School nabbed second spot for elementary vocal (grades 4 to 6). The prizes were announced today (Dec. 14).

Both schools will win plaques for their efforts.

Seven music classes from across the district had been selected to national top 10 lists as part of their participation in the contest. In 2019, Burnaby School District’s Sound Wave Handbell Choir took top spot in their category.

The annual contest sees tens of thousands of students sign up from across Canada.

Here's a revisit of all seven of Burnaby's finalists (two winning classes notes in bold):

* Glenwood Elementary’s performance of “Sandwiches” in the primary instrumental category for grades K to 3 (Second Prize winner).   


* Armstrong Elementary’s rendition of “Sandwiches” in the elementary school vocal category for grades 4 to 7 


* Second Street Community School’s version of  “Knocking at the Door,” elementary school vocal category for grades 4 to 7  (Second Prize)


* Capitol Hill Elementary’s take on “On My Own” earned them a nod in the elementary instrumental category for grades 4 to 7.  


* Second Street Community School’s nomination came by way of their interpretation of “Knocking at the Door” in the junior high instrumental group for grades 7 through 10. 



* The junior high vocal category saw two local entries in the grades 7 to 10 group:

Second Street Community School’s take on “Salvation”



along with Burnaby South Secondary’s version of “Wonder.”