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Vintage neon sign could return to Burnaby Heights

The 1950s Eagle Ford neon sign could be reinstated as a heritage landmark on Hastings Street in a proposed $110k project.

A 1950s neon sign could be making a comeback on Hastings Street.

The Eagle Ford neon sign flashed above the old Eagle Ford car dealership at Carleton Avenue and Hastings Street (present day Carleton Square at 4161 Hastings Street) between 1950 and 1985.

Eagle Motors Ltd. was the largest Ford car and truck retailer in the province from 1948 to 1985, and used the silhouette of the eagle in its advertising and on its chrome car badge.

The bright blue-and-white eagle sign is 3.96 metres tall and 2.74 metres wide, highlighted by gold neon tubing.

It’s been stored and maintained by the Burnaby Village Museum for the past decade, after the city purchased the sign from a private collector in 2012.

The sign is in good condition, according to a staff report, though it needs a paint job and its neon tubes need replacing.

Staff estimate that the project will cost $110,000 to create a conservation plan with public consultation, repair and the creation of a mounting bracket. The project also requires electrical service, sign installation and includes an interpretive sign.

The ongoing maintenance cost may be comparable to the iconic Helen’s Swinging Girl neon sign, which costs the city $1,996 every year.

But the Heights Merchants Association pays for the electrical costs of the Swinging Girl sign and has indicated it would also pay for the electrical costs of the Eagle Ford sign.

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