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What are kitchen catchers? They're coming to Burnaby homes beginning this week

Mini green kitchen bins are coming to anyone who receives weekly food scrap collection in Burnaby.

Starting today (Sept. 6), the City of Burnaby is sending out “kitchen catcher bins” to all Burnaby residents who receive weekly food scrap and yard waste collection.

The kitchen catchers are small, portable bins to store your food scraps in the kitchen before taking them to the green bin outside.

Food scraps make up 40 per cent of household waste, according to the city, and are banned from the garbage.

The kitchen catchers will be delivered to the doors of houses, duplexes, rowhouses and townhouses.

Apartments and condos will get a bulk delivery to be distributed by each building’s management.

Garbage and plastic items — including compostable or biodegradable plastic bags and containers — are not accepted in the green bin. The city suggested to use paper or newspaper bin liners.

If you live in Burnaby and want to compost in your backyard (which is “the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to dispose of food scraps,” according to the city) you can purchase a composter from the Eco-Centre at 4855 Still Creek Dr. for $30 total with proof of residency.

For more information on kitchen catchers, food scraps and green bin recycling, see the city’s website

What goes in the green bin in Burnaby?

  • fruits and vegetables
  • meat and bones
  • eggs and dairy products
  • coffee grounds and tea bags
  • fish and seafood
  • plate scrapings
  • salad and dressings
  • sawdust (bagged in paper bags)
  • pumpkins
  • bread, pasta and grains
  • soiled pizza boxes and paper napkins
  • small amounts of cooking oil absorbed in paper
  • grass clippings and weeds
  • small branches (up to 4 inches diameter)
  • plants and flowers
  • wooden cutlery and clean wood waste (no plywood or glue laminates)