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What's packed inside this $1.5M Vancouver teardown for sale is absolutely bonkers (PHOTOS)

Is this house what Marie Kondo has nightmares about?

The art of decorating the interior of a house that's for sale is something that many real estate agents take seriously, staging the house to look big and open.

In this case, it looks like a different approach was taken for this $1.5 million property on the market right now.

At 2761 E 24th Avenue in East Vancouver sits a house that appears to be a bit of a fixer-upper...or a complete teardown, and the listing for the property does suggest that as the most likely option.

"A perfect building lot that allows for a new home with suite plus!" reads the description. "A laneway home for extra income in desirable Renfrew Heights!"

It seems, then, that the photos of the interior were left up to the curator of a museum. And not a small, community museum. This is the Museum of Anthropology jammed into a 65-year-old three-bedroom house in Renfrew Heights.

Highlights include all of it. Just...all of it. From the multiple chandeliers to the desk-sized obelisk to the gigantic shiny pineapple to the 'Great Chile Poster' to the cheetah print kitchen lamp to the orangutan drawn on the wall behind the mannequin. From the windows to the wall, this is a pharaoh's head sculpture away from being a Where's Waldo? book come to life.

Wait, no, there are two pharaoh's heads.