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Where to find the cheapest gas in Burnaby?

Gas prices are currently over $2 per litre, prompting drivers to search for local pumps that offer the least painful fill-ups.
Gas Pump

Gas prices have been steadily rising in the province for the past few weeks, causing drivers to dig deeper into their wallets.

Prices in Metro Vancouver are set to top the North American record at $2.4 per litre, and Burnaby are residents are feeling the pinch.

Several gas stations in Burnaby hover around $2.339 per litre, running neck-and-neck with other municipalities, according to  

Here are the top gas stations in Burnaby to save a buck or two if you have to fuel up today (Sept. 29 as of 1 p.m.):

1) $2.291/L @ Smart Gas 6869 Canada Way

2)  $2.319/L @ Super Save 6591 Kingsway

3)  $2.319/L @ Fox 5894 Marine Dr

4)  $2.334/L @ Chevron 6751 Lougheed Hwy.

While a lot of gas stations in Burnaby hover at an average of $2.334 per litre, the gas stations on Canada Way are priced at $2.399, closer to Vancouver's prices.