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Who were the City of Burnaby's highest paid staff in 2022?

Report reveals Burnaby city staff’s top earners, with the No. 1 highest paid employee getting more than $350,000.
Staff: Burnaby CAO Leon Gous was the top earning city employee in 2022. Photo Jennifer Gauthier/Burnaby Now.

In 2022, there were about a dozen city employees who made a higher salary than Burnaby’s mayor.

Burnaby’s top paid employee, Leon Gous, chief administrative officer, made $353,046 in 2022, according to the city’s newly released statement of financial information.

By contrast, Mayor Mike Hurley made almost $190,000 last year.

The next highest paid city employees include Ed Kozak, general manager of planning and development, who made $260,337 and James Lota, general manager of lands and facilities, who made $250,171.

The financial report lists the salaries of all city employees who earn more than $75,000 as well as that of elected officials.

The city had 1,038 employees making more than $75,000 and about 3,233 employees making less than that. The city paid a total of $174.67 million in base salaries last year.

The salaries of other general managers and senior staff members include:

  • Dave Ellenwood, general manager of parks, recreation and cultural services ($228,765), who retired in July. Mary Morrison-Clark became GM of parks, recreation and culture in August 2022 and made $79,128 last year.
  • Bachar Khawajah, chief information officer ($223,421)
  • Dave Critchley, general manager of community safety ($228,175)
  • Bob Klimek, deputy general manager of finance ($220,449)
  • Anita Bhandari, chief human resources officer ($214,259)
  • Dipak Dattani, general manager of corporate services ($208,864). He received $162,726 in “benefits/other,” which includes retro pay, payouts of unused vacation or overtime. He retired in November.
  • Chris Bowcock, fire chief ($206,948)
  • Beth Davies, chief librarian ($206,320)
  • May Leung, city solicitor ($205,899)
  • Jozsef Dioszeghy, general manager of engineering ($150,779)
  • Noreen Kassam, deputy CAO and CFO made $121,713 in salary and $163,643 in “benefits/other,” which includes retro pay, payouts of unused vacation or overtime.