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Adzic, Heslop rack up triple gold at district track championships

For Kosta Adzic, Kaitlyn Hanger and Christina Heslop, three times was the charm at the Burnaby-New West district track and field championships, held earlier this month at Burnaby Central and Swangard Stadium.

For Kosta Adzic, Kaitlyn Hanger and Christina Heslop, three times was the charm at the Burnaby-New West district track and field championships, held earlier this month at Burnaby Central and Swangard Stadium.

The trio picked up three gold medals in their respective senior division competitions, leading some impressive results over the three-day event.

Adzic, of Burnaby Mountain, claimed gold in the senior boys 800m (2:10.26), the 1500m (4.24.47), and the 3000m (9:38.10). Hanger, of New Westminster, topped the high jump with a distance of 1.70 metres, reached 7.96m in the shotput, and hit 37.83m in the hammerthrow.

Burnaby Central’s Heslop carted off first-place results in the senior girls’ 1500m (5:45.19), 3000m (11.53.60), as well as the 1500m steeplechase (5:58.90).

The list of double-gold winners was even longer – Alpha’s Pietro Carnivale, with wins in the shotput (9.59m) and discus (16.74m), Katelyn Malmquist of Burnaby South in the 100m (13.36) and 200m (27.39), and a pair from New West -- Jeremy Belcher, who captured the senior boys 100m (11.27) and the 200m (23.31), teammate Salina Ng, who topped the 400m (1:08.93) and 800m (2:50.34).

On the junior front, three athletes were triple gold threats – Isabella Brunoro of Burnaby Mountain, in the 1500m (5:09.87), 3000m (10:48.30) and 1500m steeplechase (5:30.84), Ryan Goudron of Burnaby Central, who won the jr. boys 400m (52.13), 800m (2:06.16), and 1500m steeplechase (4:43.80), and Lucas Herold of Burnaby South, who finished first in shotput (12.00m), discus (30.29m) and hammerthrow (39.67m).

Earning two gold apiece were Taya Batiste, Burnaby South, in 100 and 200m dash (12.94 and 26.47), Kiera Cheng of Burnaby North, with gold in shotput (8.93m) and discus (19.80), New West’s Anja Tjernagel, in long and triple jumps (4.86m, 10.56m) and Alpha’s Henry Ruckman-Utting, in 1500m (4.28:89) and 3000m (9:52.20).

Here’s a list of top-four results for senior, junior and Grade 8 competition: BOYS, Senior – Kosta Adzic, BMtn 1st 800, 1500, 3000; Joshua Alfonso, NW 1st 1500rw; Karl Arcadi, NW 2nd 800, 3rd 400; Gio Bactol, NW 4th LJ; Jeremy Belcher, NW 1st 100, 200; Pietro Carnivale, AL 1st dis, SP; Tyler Chai, BC 3rd 800, 4th 3000; Ryan Chao, BC 1st HJ, 2nd TJ; Gavin Fettes, BC 3rd LJ, 4th 400; Cameron Fung, BS 1st HJ, 2nd 1500, 2000st; Constantine Georgas, AL 2nd 100, 200; Shea Janke, BS 1st 2000st, 2nd 3000; Ben Jansen-Budzik, NW 4th 800; Ryan Jensen, NW 1st 110H, 2nd 400H; Tony Jiang, NW 3rd 1500; Pavan Kainth, NW 4th SP; Brayden Kayode, BMtn 1st LJ, 3rd 100; Alex Lee, NW 3rd TJ; David Ligocki, BC 1st 400, 3rd 200, 4th 100; Thomas Luong, BMtn 1st jav, 2nd SP; Nathan Quan, MOS 3rd jav; Nazario Rivas, NW 3rd SP; Ryan Roberts, BMtn 3rd 3000, 4th 2000st; Gavin Theys, BC 3rd 2000st; Kenneth Usugiagi, MOS 2nd jav; Joseph Valdez, NW 4th 200; Nick VanGruen, NW 2nd 1500rw; Christian Welk, NW 4th jav, TJ; Alastair Yeung, BMtn 1st TJ, LJ; Daniel Yu, BC 1st 400H, 2nd 400.

Junior – Santi Ainslie, NW 4th 1500, 1500st;  Mahad Amen Ali, NW 2nd 1500, 3rd 3000; Miguel Arteaga-Cole, 2nd SP; Evan Beckers, NW 4th 3000; Holden Clark, MOS 1st TJ, 4th LJ; Sheldon Dacon, MOS 3rd 100, 200; Haziq, Daredia, BMtn 4th disc, jav; Liam Farbridge, MOS 1st jav, 3rd 800; Aaron Fung, MOS 1st 1500rw; Ryan Goudron, BC 1st 400, 800, 1500st; Lucas Herold, 1st disc, SP, HT;  Brandon Hsu, BMtn 1st 200, 2nd 100, 4th 400; Carter Lin, BMtn 3rd disc; Joseph Marion, BS 2nd HT, 3rd jav; Gerard Natovio, BC 3rd LJ; Roman Nikolaev, NW 2nd HJ, LJ, TJ; Haruki Okamoto, BMtn 2nd 800, 3000, 3rd 1500; Quinn O’Shea, BC 3rd 1500st; Anthony Perera, BMtn 4th 800; Parsa Ranjbar, BC 4th SP; Henry Ruckman-Utting, AL 1st 1500, 3000, 2nd 1500st; Sebastyan Seymanski, BC 1st LJ, 2nd 400; Owen Silvester, BC 2nd disc, 3rd SP; Marcus Taylor, BC 2nd jav, 4th 200; Youney Terefe, BS 1st 100, 2nd 200, 3rd 400; Arjun Uppal, BC 1st 300H; Kiran Wanniarachchi, BMtn 1st HJ, 4th 100. Gr. 8 – Hashmatulla Abdul, BC 3rd HJ, LJ; Joseph Anderson, 1st 1500, 3rd 800; Rabee Chowdhury, ByC 2nd 1500; Kendall Drager, ByC 2nd SP; Noah Duke, GL 1st 200h, 800; Reid Hinds-McDonald, GL 2nd 400; Ethan Johnson, BC 2nd 800, HJ, 3rd 400; Gabriel Kamal, BMtn 2nd jav; Harrison Lee, 1st TJ; Eric Li, BS 3rd TJ; Brendan Lim, BMtn 1st 400, 3rd 100, 200; Ryan Liu, ByC 2nd LJ; Justin Mangilin, BS 2nd 100h, TJ; Vincent Nguyen, BC 1st 100h, 4th 200; Aiden Post, GL 2nd 200h, 3rd SP, jr HT; Kai Quah, ByC 4th SP; Alex Ross, GL 3rd jav, 4th 400, 800; David Trinidad, BS 2nd 100, 200; Levi Tuura, GL 1st HJ, LJ, SP; Henry Wang, MOS 1st 100, 200; David Wu, MOS 4th 100; Andy Zhang, BN 1st jav.

GIRLS, senior – Kate Bain, BMtn 3rd HJ, 4th 200; Cassie Chan, BC 3rd 200, 400, 4th 100; Samiksha Chand, BMtn 2nd 100h, 400, 3rd jav; Maneesha Dhaliwal, BC 1st 100h, 2nd 400, HJ; Le Yi Deng, BS 2nd LJ; Emma Dolman, NW 1st 400h, 2nd 200; Sammy Gee, BN 1st LJ, 100; Kaitlyn Hanger, NW 1st HJ, SP, HT; Christina Heslop, BC 1st 1500, 3000, 1500st; Nicole Liang, BMtn 2nd 800, 3rd 1500, 3000; Zuzanna Liniewski, BN 2nd HT; Katelyn Malmquist, BS 1st 100, 200; Cheyenne McLelland, NW 1st 1500rw, 2nd jav; Salina Ng, NW 1st 400, 800, 2nd 100; Nuzhat Rahman, BC 2nd 1500, 3000, 1500st; Lauryn Savela, NW 1st jav.

Junior – Monika Arcadi, NW 1st 800, HJ, 2nd 1500st; Genevieve Mae Arias, BC 3rd HJ, 4th jav; Simran Aujla, BC 1st jav, 4th HT; Taya Batiste, BS 1st 100, 200; Gina Bolognese, BN 2nd 800; Isabella Brunoro, BMtn 1st 1500, 3000, 1500st; Kiera Cheng, BN 1st SP, disc, 4th 400; Sophia Condilenios, BN 2nd 200, 400; Amber Craig, BMtn 3rd disc; Priya Dhaliwal, BC 2nd HJ, LJ, 3rd 300h; Ella Foster, NW 1st PV; Elisa Geitner, BMtn 1st 1500pw, 2nd SP, 4th 800; Shabnam Ghulam, BN 3rd TJ; Alina Gunn, BN 3rd HJ; Kaitlyn Heslop, BC 2nd 1500, 3000, 3rd 1500st; Hana Hoffman, BN 3rd 1500, 3000, 4th 1500st; Lindsay Hoffman, BMtn 1st 80h, 4th 300h; Kelsey Kanyamuna, AL 3rd 400; Jacqueline Koch, BMtn 4th SP; Phoebe Lao, BC 2nd TJ, 3rd 80h; Maddy Lau, BC 3rd 1500rw, 4th 1500, 3000; Hannah Lebreche, BC 2nd disc, 4th LJ; Stephanie Lim, BMtn 1st 300h, 3rd 800, 4th 80h; Teodora Lojpur, BMtn 2nd 80h, 300h; Faith Ma, BN 4th TJ; Alysha Sidhu, BC 2nd 1500rw, 3rd HT, 4th disc; Kimi Tam, NW 3rd 100, 200; Anja Tjernagel, NW 1st LJ, TJ, 2nd 100; Vivian Truong, BMtn 2nd jav, 3rd SP; Hannah Vorell, BMtn 1st 400, 4th 100, 200; Cynthia Wai, BN 3rd LJ.

Grade 8 – Angela Arana, GL 2nd TJ, 3rd 1500, 4th 800; Olivia Cholette, MOS 2nd 200, 4th 100; Reanna Gandhi, BS 1st 800;  Lindsay Gourdon, BC 1st disc, SP, jav; Angelina Guo, BC 1st 80h, 3rd 100, 200; Emma Hillaby, GL 2nd HT, 3rd jav, SP; Kailey Jorgensen, BN 4th jav; Miya Joson, BN 4th SP; Sarah Juett, BC 1st HJ, 4th 400; Natasha Karolweska, BN 2nd 800, 3rd 400; Tia Kinkar, ByC 2nd 1500, 3rd 800; Victoria Kolganov, GL 4th 200; Maria Meijia, GL 2nd SP; Robin Rohu, BC 1st 100, 400, 200h; Erika Sunga, BS 1st LJ; Avery Tamagi, GL 1st 1500, 3000, TJ; Naylani Uy, GL 2nd 80h;  Lisa Wong, BN 2nd disc, 4th 1500; Sienna Yee, BC 1st 200, 2nd 100, 400; Jenny Zhang, BN 2nd jav.