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Central finishes zones a strong second

Burnaby district athletes pick up berths for next week's provincial track and field championships
Burnaby track
Burnaby Central's track and field team excelled at last week's zone championships, securing a number of berths while finishing the meet second-best, behind Richmond's McMath.

By distance of jump or throw, Burnaby Central’s Alessio Marengon was in the zone last week.

The Grade 12 athlete picked up gold medals in both the triple jump and hammer throw as part of a strong Wildcats performance at the zone track and field championships hosted by Burnaby Central.

The home team finished second behind Richmond’s R.A. McMath in the senior division by a score of 197 to 171, edging out New West.

With top-two results earning a spot at next week’s provincials, Marengon also advanced in the long jump, where he placed second.

Brent Wu, in 1500-metre racewalk, and Daniel Yu, in 400m hurdles, also scored gold for Burnaby Central. The school also topped the senior boys 4x400m race.

The Burnaby Mountain Lions got first-place results from seniors Elyse Willans, in girls 1500m racewalk, and Thomas Luong, in javelin, en route to fifth overall.

Also clinching berths to the B.C.s were Nicole Liang and Alex Romero, with silver in their respective 3000m races.

Ephrem Belaineh, Shea Janke and Diego Medrano were tops in their events for Burnaby South. Belaineh won the 800m race and placed second in the 1500m, Janke captured the 2000m steeplechase title, while Medrano was first to the finish line in the 110m hurdles.

Burnaby North’s Kaito McKelvie won the high jump to advance to the provincials.

Leading the district’s top junior results were Burnaby Mountain’s Kosta Adzic, with wins in three events – the 800, 1500 and 3000m races, Central’s Sebastian Saymunski, who won both the 200- and 400m races, and South’s Taya Batiste, who picked up gold in both the 100 and 200m junior girls dash events.

Here are more results, by school: Alpha, GIRLS – Lillian Brichon, G8, 6th 100; Shannon Curley, G8, 7th 800; Kelsey Kanyamuna, jr, 4th 200, LJ, 5th 400; Rai-Ann Leung, sr, 4th jav, 5th s/p; Hannah Sidhu, jr, 1st 1500 r/w, 8th 800; Lauren Sidhu, sr, 2nd 400, 5th 100, 200. BOYS – Constantine Georgas, sr, 3rd 100, 4th 200; Henry Ruckman-Utting, jr, 2nd 1500, 1500 stp, 7th 800.

Burnaby Central, GIRLS – Isabella Alvarado, jr, 2nd HJ, 4th dis; Genevieve Arias, G8, 4th jav, disc, 7th s/p; Simran Aujla, jr, 1st h/t, 6th jav; Dominique Diaz, G8, 5th HJ, disc; Christine Heslop, jr, 1st 3000, 2nd 1500, 1500 stp; Kaitlyn Heslop, G8, 2nd 3000, 3rd 1500, (jr) 1500 stp; Phoebe Lau, jr, 2nd 80H, 3rd 300H, 7th LJ; Maddie Lau, jr, 3rd 1500 r/w; Sylvia Ly, sr, 3rd 100; Tia Ly, sr, 3rd LJ; Emi Marsden, G8, 3rd 400, 7th 200; Kate O’Shea, 3rd 80H; Nuzhat Rahman, sr, 2nd 1500 r/w, 4th 3000; Alysha Sidhu, jr, 6th TJ. BOYS – Michael Arias, sr, 4th h/t, s/p, 5th jav; Kenny Bui, sr, 9th LJ; Tyler Chai, jr, 4th 1500 stp; Brandon Chiang, sr, 2nd 400H; Gavin Fettes, sr, 6th HJ; Ryan Goudron, jr, 1st 1500 stp; Sean Lee, sr, 5th 100, 6th 200; Alessio Marengon, sr, 1st TJ, h/t, 2nd LJ; Gerald Natavio, jr, 2nd LJ; Quinn O’Shea, G8, 1st 3000, 2nd 1500, 3rd TJ; Parsa Ranjibar, jr, 4th 200, 6th LJ; Sebastian Saymunski, jr, 1st 200, 400, 4th jav; Gavin Theys, sr, 2nd 2000 stp, 5th 3000, 6th 1500; Brent Wu, sr, 1st 1500 r/w; Charles Yu, sr, 2nd 400, 4th 110H; Daniel Yu, sr, 1st 400H; Eric Zhang, sr, 4th HJ, 6th LJ.

Burnaby Mountain, GIRLS – Calista Berg, G8, 4th 400; Isabella Brunoro, jr, 1st 1500 stp; Samiksha Chand, sr, 5th jav, 6th LJ; Jasmine Derksen, G8, 3rd 80H, 4th LJ; Lindsay Hofmann, G8, 1st 200H, 3rd 200, 4th 100; Inaara Khadimani, G8, 5th HJ, 7th LJ; Nicole Liang, sr, 2nd 3000, 3rd 800, 5th 1500; Stephanie Lim, jr, 2nd 200H, 3rd 800, 6th s/p; Renna Rumbaua, jr, 6th disc; Vivian Truong, jr, 7th jav, 8th s/p; Sophia Vivero, jr, 3rd LJ, 4th jav, 5th TJ; Hannah Vorell, jr, 3rd 400; Clare Vu, jr, 7th 800; Elyse Willans, sr, 1st 1500 r/w. BOYS – Kosta Adzic, jr, 1st 800, 1500, 3000; Haziq Daredia, G8, 1st jav, 5th disc; Nikhil Hirani, jr, 1st 1500 r/w; Brandon Hsu, G8, 1st 100, 200, 400; Brayden Kayode, jr, 1st 100, 2nd jav; David Kim, sr, 5th 200, 6th 100; Brandon Kwok, jr, 6th 400, 800; Hakseung Lee, jr, 6th HJ; Thomas Luong, sr, 1st jav; Brian Oyan, jr, 3rd 3000; Anthony Perera, jr, 4th 3000; Ryan Roberts, sr, 3rd 2000 stp, 4th 3000; Alex Romero, sr, 2nd 3000, 4th 1500; Hayden Smith, jr, 4th HJ; Jacob Spartano, jr, 5th disc, 6th s/p; Oza Tarigan, jr, 2nd s/p; Chunhei Tse, jr, 2nd TJ; Kiran Wanniarachi, G8, 1st HJ, 2nd 100, 200; Alastair Yeung, sr, 4th TJ; Elvin Zukic, G8, 3rd s/p.

Burnaby North, GIRLS – Gian Bolognese, G8, 4th 200, 1500, 3000; Kiera Cheng, G8, 3rd s/p, 5th 800; Sophia Condilenios, G8, 1st 100, 200, 400; Hana Hoffman, jr, 7th s/p; Italia Paris, sr, 4th 100; Cynthia Wai, G8, 2nd LJ, 6th 400. BOYS – Miguel Arteaga-Cole, jr, 4th s/p; Eugene Fei, G8, 5th LJ; Daniel Hong, G8, 7th 800, Trevor Mak, G8, 4th disc, s/p; Kaito McKelvie, sr, 1st HJ, 3rd TJ, 4th LJ; Raakim Shabbir, G8, 6th LJ; Alex Shen, jr, 4th 1500; David Wong, jr, 5th 3000.

Burnaby South, GIRLS – Taya Batiste, jr, 1st 100, 200; LeYi Deng, sr, 3rd TJ; Eva Khalil, G8, 7th TJ; Katelyn Malmquist, jr, 2nd 200, 4th 400; Julia Noteboom, jr, 5th 800. BOYS – Mohammed Abdul Jabbar, jr, 4th disc; Ephrem Belaineh, sr, 1st 800, 2nd 1500; Zachary Bullock, jr, 1st disc; Lucas Herold, G8, 1st disc, s/p, jr h/t; Ryan Holloway, sr, 2nd disc, h/t; Niklas Iwan, G8, 1st 800, 1500, 2nd jr 1500 r/w; Shea Janke, sr, 1st 2000 stp; 3rd 3000, 5th 1500; Matthew Kim, G8, 2nd 200, 4th 400; Diego Medrano, sr, 1st 110H; Youney Terefe, jr, 3rd 200, 4th 400.

Moscrop, BOYS – Holden Clarke, jr, 1st TJ, 4th LJ.