Burnaby MP refuses demands to quit Liberal Party

Terry Beech said he will stick with party, while continuing to raise pipeline concerns

MP Terry Beech has no plans to heed the demands of anti-pipeline protesters by leaving the Liberal Party of Canada.

Environmentalists rallied outside Beech’s office Wednesday before delivering a letter demanding he leave the ruling party to sit in Parliament as an independent or join “another political party committed to opposing the project.”

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“I can say with 100 per cent certainty that I will not be leaving the Liberal party,” Beech said, as the protesters chanted outside.

“It is incredibly flattering, the amount of people who want to support me but can’t find themselves supporting the party,” he said. “If people can’t reconcile a member of Parliament that is working hard for them every single day because of the party, I would simply ask that they open their mind to all the good work that we’ve done outside of an individual project.”

The protesters’ letter also called on Beech to do everything in his power to see a razor wire boom that surrounds Trans Mountain’s Westridge marine terminal in Burrard Inlet removed.

Beech said he has raised concerns about the boom in the past but said, “I very much doubt that the fence will be coming down until a final decision is made one way or the other.” 


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