Burnaby raising sewer, water fees while dropping some garbage charges for 2019

Rising Metro Vancouver costs leads to increase in charges for Burnaby residents

On Monday, Burnaby city council approved increases to utility fees, while reducing some garbage collection charges for 2019. 

Garbage fees

The City of Burnaby charges residents different annual fees depending on the size of the receptacle they use – $25 for a 120 litre can, $75 for a 180 litre can, $205 for a 240 litre can and $385 for a 360 litre can.

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In 2019, the fees will remain the same for all the sizes except the 240 litre garbage can. That fee will drop by $65 to $140. The city hopes this change will encourage residents to upgrade from the 180 litre can, which is often not big enough.

“The differences amongst the fees in the current fee structure have induced some residents to select a smaller receptacle than they require,” a city report explains. “This has contributed to overfilling of receptacles and increased waste collected from public receptacles in Burnaby parks and public spaces.” 

Currently, 66 per cent of residents use a 180 litre can, while only 12 per cent use a 240 litre can.   

The city also plans to raise its delivery fee for rain barrels and composters from $5 to $25 “to more closely reflect actual cost of service.” 

Disposal fees for yard waste at Burnaby Eco-Centre will remain in line with the Metro Vancouver rate of $95 per tonne. Dropping off less than 100 kilograms of green waste will remain free (proof of residency in Burnaby is required).



Sewer fees

Sewer fees will increase by two per cent next year for all Burnaby properties with access to the public system. This means a single family homeowner will owe a $552.25 “sewer parcel tax” next year – nearly $11 more than last year.

For homeowners, the fee will be due at the same time as their property taxes.

Strata condo and duplex owners share the same parcel tax, plus a sewer use fee.

The increase will cover an increase in Greater Vancouver Sewage and Drainage District Costs from the Metro Vancouver regional district, according to City of Burnaby staff.


Water fees

Water fees will also rise by two per cent next year. According to city staff, the majority of the money charged for water service goes to the regional district, with the rest going to the city’s own transmission, distribution, pumping, investment in new infrastructure and reserves.

Owners of single family homes will owe $589.73 next year if they pay before March 15 and $620.77 after that date. Last year, those charges were $578.17 and $608.60, respectively.

Water charges for strata condo owners who pay before the deadline were $331.99 this year and will be $338.63 next year.

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