Burnaby RCMP searching after bear spotted at Deer Lake: witness

Burnaby RCMP have been patrolling around Deer Lake looking for a bear wandering through the area.

That’s according to Burnaby resident Glen Govier, who spotted the bear Friday night while out on the waters of Deer Lake.

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“We saw it there Friday evening while kayaking,” Govier said. “It was wading in the water along the shore a little east of the field to Hart House (restaurant). It moved west along the path on the north side and spent a couple minutes in Deer lake brook.”

burnaby rcmp
A Burnaby RCMP officer with a rifle at Deer Lake in Burnaby. John Preissl photo

Govier said a member of the group he was with last saw the bear wandering up towards the Shadbolt theatre.

“We were able to warn a handful of walkers on shore - a couple screamed and scrambled away, which was probably a mistake,” Govier said.

Govier said he spoke with an RCMP officer who was out looking for the bear while carrying a rifle.

“The officer told me it was their third visit of the day looking for it,” he said.

deer lake bear two
A black bear on the edge of the water at Deer Lake in Burnaby. John Preissl photo

Burnaby resident John Preissl, who took the photos attached to this story, says there's a simple reason why the bear is in this area.

“I fear though that the bear may be getting into the city’s garbage containers that surround the lake,” he said. “They are quite often overflowing with garbage just laid beside them. I will ask the city to install bear-proof garbage bins and to take the current garbage away before night.”

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