Burnaby's school superintendent is the third-highest paid in B.C.

The Burnaby school district’s top administrator may run B.C.’s fourth-largest school district but she was the third-highest paid among B.C. superintendents last year, according to financial statements published last month.

Gina Niccoli-Moen earned $253,900 in total remuneration between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019, according to the district’s statement of financial information (SOFI).

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By comparison, the CEO of the province’s biggest school district, Surrey superintendent Jordan Tinney, took in $286,754; Vancouver’s Suzanne Hoffman, the superintendent of the second-largest district, made $276,397; and Coquitlam’s Patricia Gartland earned $249,949.87 running B.C.’s third-largest district.

Compared to their counterparts, Niccoli-Moen and Hoffman incurred relatively modest expenses for the year at $16,153.50 and $16,576 respectively.

Tinney and Gartland racked up $70,243 and $73,172.27.

B.C. school districts and over government bodies are required to submit a statement of financial information every year to report the earnings and expenses of all employees who make more than $75,000.

The list was originally intended to capture high public sector salaries, but secretary-treasurer Russell Horswill said the $75,000 threshold has remained the same for “many, many, many years.”

“As salaries have gone up, so have the number of staff that would be earning above the $75,000 amount,” he said.

The district’s average teacher salary cost last year, for example, was above the threshold at $76,339, according to Russell.

Not included in the SOFI figures are benefits and pension contributions paid to employees by the district.

The five top-paid executives besides the superintendent:

Russell Horswill, secretary-treasurer: $192,440.51 ($6,500.82 expenses)

Wanda Mitchell, assistant superintendent: $186,615.78 ($10,134.18 expenses)

Roberto Bombelli, assistant superintendent: $184,149.06 ($4,579.68 expenses)

Heather Hart, assistant superintendent: $184,148.97 ($10,853.59 expenses)

Richard Per, assistant superintendent: $177,474.63 ($8,306.14 expenses)

The five top-paid school principals:

Gordon Li, B.C. School for the Deaf (former): $134,317.73 ($21,435.39 expenses)

David Rawnsley, Burnaby North Secondary: $133,825.03 ($472.50 expenses)

Kelly Chow, École Inman Elementary: $133,820.19 ($998.43 expenses)

Lee-Anne Kristmanson, Burnaby Mountain Secondary: $133,671.43 ($0 expenses)

Victoria Lee, Burnaby South Secondary: $133,671.43 ($0 expenses)

About 730 teachers made the list, not including those listed as department heads and head teachers.

Eight teachers took in more than $100,000.

The five top-paid teachers:

James Smith, Burnaby Mountain: $111,461.19 ($0 expenses)

Bruce Munro, Burnaby Central: $106,723.24 ($0 expenses)

Joann Barbone, Burnaby Online: $105,655.14 ($446.25 expenses)

Cheryl Spracklin: $103,682.32 ($518.08 expenses)

John Janetka, Burnaby North: $101,476.74 ($131.48 expenses)

Total remuneration for teachers who retired last year after working in the district full time for more than 10 years may include a long-service gratuity based on years of service.

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