Final results: NDP margin increases slightly

The final numbers are in for Burnaby's four provincial ridings, and while none of the seats changed hands, the margins of victory shifted slightly in favour of the New Democrats.

Elections B.C. conducted the final count this week, which included absentee ballots not included in the preliminary count, and the final results for all B.C. ridings were posted online Wednesday, May 29. Tallies for Burnaby ridings - Deer Lake, Edmonds, Lougheed and North - have already been finalized, and the numbers shore up the preliminary results.

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In Burnaby-Edmonds, the NDP's Raj Chouhan secured 9,253 votes, (increasing his margin from 1,883 in the preliminary results to 2,303 in the final). Liberal Jeff Kuah received 6,950 votes, while Green candidate Wyatt Tessari secured 1,573 votes, and Excalibur candidate Nicholas Edward D'Amico landed 215 votes.

In Burnaby-North, incumbent Richard Lee held onto the last remaining Liberal seat in the city, with a final margin of 668. (The preliminary results had Lee ahead by 833 votes.)

Lee earned 10,543 votes, New Democrat Janet Routledge garnered 9,875, while Green candidate Carrie McLaren had 1,577 and B.C. Conservative Wayne Marklund (listed as unaffiliated on the ballot) landed 523.

In Burnaby-Deer Lake, incumbent Kathy Corrigan held onto her NDP seat by 903 votes, according to the final count. (Her original margin was 727.) Corrigan earned 8,189 votes, while first-time Liberal candidate and local doctor Shian Gu secured 7,286. Rick McGowan, running for the Green party, garnered 1,417.

In Burnaby-Lougheed, Shin's preliminary lead was only a matter of 315 ballots, but the final votes coming in were leaning in her favour.

The final count showed Shin ahead with 8,952 votes, while Liberal Ken Kramer had 8,209 - a difference of 743 votes. Green candidate Darwin Burns garnered 1,665 votes, while Christine Clarke, an unaffiliated B.C. Conservative candidate, secured 1,399 votes.

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