Halogen light to blame for gas leak, evacuation of Burnaby industrial building: fire chief

A Burnaby linen cleaning facility had to be evacuated Wednesday night because of gas-line rupture.

A worker who smelled gas at K-Bro Linen Systems (8035 Enterprise St.) activated an alarm shortly before 11 p.m., according to assistant fire Chief Dave Younger.

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The building was evacuated, and firefighters located the source of the gas.

It turned out to be a leak in a four-inch natural gas line outside of the industrial building.

After Fortis turned off the gas, it was determined the cause of the leak was a halogen light resting on top of a blanket that had been wrapped around a regulator on the gas line, according to Younger.

Regulators are used to control gas pressure.

Heat from the light melted the regulator, releasing gas that then caught fire, Younger said.

The small blaze was extinguished by a K-Bro Linen Systems worker, according to Younger, but the pipe continued to leak gas until Fortis shut it down.

“It definitely wasn’t safe,” Younger said.

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