Parking lot at Barnet Marine Park set for $2 million upgrade

Overcrowding and safety issues spur plan to rebuild lot at popular summer destination

The City of Burnaby is set to spend $1.95 million to rebuild part of the parking lot at Barnet Marine Park, after council approved the plan at Monday’s meeting.

“The popularity of the park has brought with it parking and overcrowding problems that today pose unsafe conditions for the public and staff trying to manage the site,” a city report states.

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City staff said congestion has increased each summer over the last decade, with drivers parking in driveways, across train tracks and on lawns. On average, the city hands out 74 bylaw tickets a year and tows 70 cars away from the park, according to the report.

But the problems have persisted and a permanent solution is needed, staff said.

“To control vehicular movement and to prevent illegal parking, it is proposed that vehicle access into the core active recreation zone north of the railway tracks be restricted,” the report says.

Exceptions will be made for vehicles making deliveries to large groups and events, people dropping off boats, wheelchair access, seniors’ tour buses and emergency vehicles. The renovation will include a drop-off zone to allow for these needs. The city plans to change the traffic flow, add stalls for people with disabilities and increase the total number of stalls from 135 to 138. It will also add a walkway from the highway into the park and add a bio-filtration drainage system, oil interceptors and a new gutter. 

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