These cranes sure love them some Burnaby cranberries

When you think of Burnaby, do you think of farming?

No, of course you don’t. Burnaby is filled with highrises, sushi restaurants, clogged traffic and, yes, a few lovely parks and lakes.

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But if you go south, down the slope towards Marine Way, you’ll find quite a bit of farming in our communities.

cranes three
A sandhill crane caught on camera landing in South Burnaby. John Preissl photo

This includes cranberry fields. Yes, cranberry fields – the ones that get flooded at this time of years so those lovely cranberries can float to the top for harvesting.

So, it’s in this agricultural haven that some sandhill cranes have landed – presumably to munch on some berries.

Burnaby photographer John Preissl captured these photos of two sandhill cranes spending time around Burnaby’s cranberry fields. They are magnificent creatures.

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