This Burnaby crime map shows a new hot spot to watch

Crime data are fascinating and the Burnaby RCMP and the City of Burnaby are doing a decent job of providing it.

The latest crime data for the end of 2019 is out and it includes a heat map showing the latest hot spots for such crimes as break and enters, theft from autos and vehicle thefts.

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The worst spot in Burnaby for these types of crimes continues to be Kingsway in the Metrotown area, roughly from Patterson to Royal Oak.

It’s just a mess.

Businesses are particularly hard hit in this area. Oh, and parking your vehicle in this area is a risky proposition as thieves are looking for stuff to break in and steal.

burnaby crime
The latest Burnaby crime heat map. Contributed

But showing up bright and orange is the Burnaby Heights, from Albert Street south to Douglas Road. It shows a dark cluster of crimes.

Something to think about. I know people get upset when I say this, but if you leave valuables out in the open, you are just begging thieves to break into your vehicle.

The RCMP also offer these crime-fighting tips for homeowners:

  • Make sure you keep all the trees and shrubs trimmed back.  Most importantly trees should not be so close to the house that a burglar could climb them to access the upper floors.
  • Strategic placement of landscaping: gravel or loose stones can potentially alert you of someone approaching.  Thorny bushes may make sense closer to the windows to deter entry.
  • Install outside lights (motion sensor if possible) to brighten dark areas, but do not leave the lights on the entire day.
  • Look at the outside of your house from the street.  Can emergency personnel see your house number easily?  Are there any dark areas where someone might potentially hide?
  • Ensure your outside doors and frames are made of solid steel or solid core wood.
  • All outside doors should have deadbolt locks and a 180 degree peep-hole viewer.
  • Don’t forget to lock your doors and windows. 
  • Consider privacy curtains (sheer curtains that allow light but block the view) so your valuables couldn’t be so readily seen from the outside
  • Do not advertise you’ll be away on vacation etc. on your voicemail and on social media.  Have someone collect your mail and newspapers so they don’t pile up outside your door. 


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